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QuickTOCultra Monitors Phosphorus, TOC, TNb and COD

Online Phosphorus monitoring for Process Control in Wastewater Treatment


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The QuickTOCNPO is an online measuring system for the determination of total phosphorus (TP), of total organic carbon (TOC), of total nitrogen (TNb) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) by correlation to organic carbon. The QuickTOCnpo is suitable for almost every TP, TOC, TNb and COD measurement in process control, sewage and industrial wastewater applications.


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Webinar: Comparing BOD, COD & TOC:


Measurement ranges:

0.01 - 4 mg/l TP
0.1 - 200 mg/l TOC
0.1 - 50 mg/l TNb
1 - 600 mg/l COD

Response times:

1 - 3 min (TN)
2 - 3 min (TOC and TNb)
5 - 15 min (TP)

•Highest combustion temperature (1200°C) available on the market
•UV-persulfate digestion
•Photometric molybdenum-blue-method
•COD correlation
•Determination of all 4 parameters at the same time
•Number of parameters are selectable
•Catalyst-free technique
•No filtration necessary
•No memory effects
•Very low maintenance and operational costs


• WWTP control
• Process control
• Surface water monitoring


• FlowSampler®
• Options for combinations of 2 or 3 parameters

Cabinet Options:

• IP54 (Standard)
• ATEX Zone I
• ATEX Zone II





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