The QuickTONultra Online Nitrogen Analyzer

Accurate, Fast Measurement of Total Bonded Nitrogen (TNb)

The QuickTONb from LAR AG provides rapid nitrogen analysis

Typical applications include monitoring of influent and effluent in both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, and process control in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

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On-line analyzer for automatic, reagent-free measurement of the true total bonded nitrogen (TNb) according to DIN 38409 chapter 27, ISO TR11905-2 and ENV 12260 in industrial wastewater or process water streams, standard version for one to six sample streams, with output of results in as little as three minutes for discharge monitoring and process control.

Installation of an Electro-chemical cell for the analysis of nitrogen monoxide in the gas phase for on-line determination of the total nitrogen content according to ENV 12260.

Analytical system consists of high temperature oxidation with a working temperature of 1200 °C for determination of the total nitrogen content, flow-through sample vessel with magnetic stirrer, vessel for calibration solution, sample transfer and injection module with septumless injection port, acid filter and carrier gas cooler.

The analyzer can be configured to also measure Total Oxygen Demand (TOD) and/or Total Organic Carbon (TOC).

Control / evaluation level with industrial CPU, menu-driven, self-explanatory software with integrated help files, 10.4-inch touch-screen interface, Graphic-LCD-screen, presentation of the measured values in graphical or tabular form, display of calibration values, daily protocol or 24-hours graph, data storage for one year. Memory card storing the operational software for automatic startup in the event of power loss or interruption, automatic calibration procedure.

QuickTONMeasurement Technique and Sample Preparation
Measurement Method: Thermal oxidation at 1200°C
Meas. Ranges (mg/L): 0.1 to 50, 10 to 200, 100 to 1000
Response Time: 3 minutes
Sample Preparation: FlowSampler - Maintenance-free particle separator (recommended)

Dimensions and Weight
Housing: Steel IP54, powder coated
Options: Stainless Steel, IP 65, EXp Zone 1 and 2 for T3, T4 classes (Atex, IECex)
Dimensions: W 24/34 in. x H 42 in. x D 24 in.
Weight: from 125 kg (Standard)

Electric and Hydraulic Specifications
Inflow and Outflow Tubing: 1/4 in. ID, 3/8 in. ID, 1/2 in. ID
Power Supply: 230 /115 V~, 50 / 60 Hz
Analog Output: 0/4– 20 mA
Serial Interface: RS 232
Safety: 2/6 A internal, 16 A external
Internet Capability: LAN, Option for WLAN
Option: Remote control via TCP/IP protocol

Equipment Devices and Data Output
High resolution back lit TFT touch screen graphic display, 10.4 in.
Autostart function
Self explanatory software
Standard data interfaces to office PC (USB)




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